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July 2001-August 2003InteractiveDig Pompeii
Students of AAPP excavate at Pompeii.
Meet the directors: Damian Robinson and Rick Jones, both of the University of Bradford, welcome you.

Photos courtesy of the AAPP unless otherwise noted. Click on images to enlarge.

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In Vesuvius' Shadow

Many people are surprised to learn that there are still archaeologists working in Pompeii, but the Anglo-American Project in Pompeii (AAPP) has been doing just that for many summers. We have been working in one city-block (Regio VI, insula 1), oddly shaped and tucked into the north-west corner of Pompeii. When the city was rediscovered, VI,1 was one of the first areas to be cleared, and it served as the first stop in late-eighteenth-century tours of the city. For tourists and scholars of this time, Pompeii offered a perfectly preserved snapshot of Roman daily life. Today, however, research questions have moved on. Although the Anglo-American Project is interested in the conditions of city life in A.D. 79, the year Vesuvius erupted, we are investigating below the destruction level to understand the whole history of activity and development in VI,1--from its fourth-century B.C. huts to its burial in the late first century A.D.

Pompeii's dramatic destruction and extraordinary preservation has made it one of the world's best known archaeological sites. As archaeologists working in Pompeii, we are part of a long history and tradition of digging this ancient city.
Ancient Tour
Before launching into our latest discoveries, take a curbside tour of the insula in A.D. 59.
Field Notes
Follow our excavations with reports sent directly from the field including the recording of standing architecture, the excavation of new areas, and the related artifacts and environmental analysis.
Gain an insider's view of the dig by reading excerpts from students' and supervisors' field journals.
Who We Are
Our multi-disciplinary, long-term field project trains future archaeologists from around the world.
Pompeii faces continuing decay, and conservation is a massive task.
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