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July 2003-July 2010InteractiveDig Sagalassos
Semra Saral measures a giant hand from the Lower Agora.

Photos courtesy Sagalassos Archaeological Research Project. Click on images to enlarge.
by Marc Waelkens

Sculptural Studies: August 3-9, 2003

For three years, archaeologist Semra Saral (University of Cologne, Germany) has been studying the statuary, which includes over 100 complete objects and fragmentary pieces. The aim is, first of all, a formal and symbolic definition of each specific artifact. Second, it is intended to develop a methodology for establishing through a stylistic analysis a chronology for the locally found statuary and, where possible, to identify the origin of the stone that was used and the sculptural workshops responsible for completing the carvings. A third goal is to identify the function and the themes of the sculptural assemblages as well as their local or interregional connotations. As part of this last topic, a careful study of all statue bases was carried out together with doctoral student Femke Martens (KULeuven), distinguishing between bronze and stone sculptures and noting their precise location within the city, which will allow us to define areas of greater visibility.

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