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July 2003-July 2010InteractiveDig Sagalassos
Paul Stuyven, left, and Bruno Vandermeulen, right, photograph building elements.
Tijl Vereenooghe records stratigraphical layers in the Domestic Area's room XLII.

Photos courtesy Sagalassos Archaeological Research Project. Click on images to enlarge.
by Marc Waelkens

Recording Activities: August 17-23, 2003

This week we began photographing all the smaller finds and statuary using both digital and traditional black and white photography. Bruno Vandermeulen is responsible for our digital database, and retired photographer Paul Stuyven does the rest with the help of Rudy Pelsmaeckers.

Another activity is Tijl Vereenooghe's digital recording of all stratigraphical layers. These recordings are used for a three-dimensional reconstruction of our excavation program with a software package developed by Luc Van Gool's team (ESAT, K.U. Leuven). This week Tijl was joined by Desi Vanrinte of Eyetronics, which has developed a special 3-D scanner (ShapeCam) that produces virtual reconstructions of pottery, reliefs, statues, or people's faces. They applied the system to the dancing girls' frieze from the northwest heroon and to the statues from Sagalassos in the new museum at Burdur. This technology has already been used in some Hollywood movies (once used to represent Tom Cruise riding a horse).

3-D representation made with ShapeCam of a soldier's head found in the Lower Agora [1.8 MB movie]
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