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July 2003-July 2010InteractiveDig Sagalassos
Nathalie Kellens studying metal finds

Photos courtesy Sagalassos Archaeological Research Project. Click on images to enlarge.
by Marc Waelkens

Metal Studies: July 31-August 4, 2005

For two years, the metal finds (architectural and structural fittings, slag and production waste material, and the small metal iron and copper alloy implements and instruments) have been studied as part of a doctoral dissertation by Nathalie Kellens (KULeuven). In previous years, the bulk of the metal objects excavated since 1990, were studied, sampled, and illustrated, boiling down to a preliminary study of 15 years of metalwork from Sagalassos and now stored at the depots in the excavation house and in Museum of Burdur. This research mainly focuses on the compilation of a functional typology of the material, taking the chronology, technology (for which minuscule samples are taken), and the find spot of the objects into account. During the 2005 season, our aim is to complete the final phase of this study. The work is done in close collaboration with the geologists and the geophysics team, who have been locating the sources of metal ores and possible iron production and working sites in the territory of Sagalassos. Equally close collaboration with the small finds conservation and the depot team is also aimed for, especially in terms of a microscopic study of the small metal finds and the monitoring of the storage conditions in the depots at the excavation house.

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