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April-November 2003InteractiveDig Mount Vernon
Hard at work at the distillery
Some of the artifacts found on site
Photo courtesy Historic Mount Vernon. Click for larger version.

Dig Diaries

Participate in our discoveries with the latest from the field!

Report 1
Activities this winter leading up to the field season

Report 2
Excavating the southeastern corner of the building

Report 3
Investigating a feature on the distillery's western side

Report 4
The interns get oriented and start digging.

Report 5
The media is invited for a day in the field.

Report 6
A few more days of rain and a mystery

Report 7
In the field with visitors and volunteers

Report 8
Down to the eighteenth century

Report 9
Complex connections on the south side

Report 10
Sunshine and a productive week

Report 11
A field trip and more digging

Report 12
An exciting week of interpretation

Report 13
The interns say goodbye

Report 14
The millrace outflow and a shed?

Report 15
Finishing up features

Report 16
Foundation stones and the trough

Report 17
Weathering Hurricane Isabel!

Report 18
Learning from Kentucky Bourbonfest

Report 19
Getting down to the details

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