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July 2003-July 2010InteractiveDig Sagalassos
Göze takes points for drawing the elevation of a wall in the palatial mansion.
Bruno Vandermeulen in his photographic "studio"

Photos courtesy Sagalassos Archaeological Research Project. Click on images to enlarge.
by Marc Waelkens

Architectural Recording and Photography: August 14-18, 2005

Beside the illustrators working in the excavation house (see Object Illustration, August 7-11), a small team of architects supervised by Sarah Vaelen is also operating on the site, trying to catch up with drawing ground plans and elevations of every building that is exposed. At the same time, they take levels for the archaeologists and document all interventions by the on site conservation team. This team consists of Ugur Gürsoy, Pinar Aykaç, Elvan Odabasi, Elif Güler, and Göze Üner), supported by topographer Jelena Vanopdenbosch, who has recorded thousands of theodolite points with her theodolite since June 10.

Last week, our team was also enriched by the arrival of our most capable photographer Bruno Vandermeulen, who with the patience of a monk, has started to make thousands of digital pictures of all kinds of material evidence.

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