Archaeological Survey: 2010 Aims

July 9, 2010


In 2008 a new programme of intensive archaeological surveys in the outer reaches of the ancient territory of Sagalassos was initiated, with the aim of understanding how peripheral areas evolved through time, before, during and after they were annexed by regional centres. During the fieldwork seasons of 2008 and 2009 the Bereket Valley and the region near the villages of Kayƒ±s, Akyayla, Baƒüsaray, ?áeltik?ßi and Daƒüarcƒ±k have been investigated.


In 2010 the survey will study selected areas within the Burdur Valley near the villages of Yazik??y, Karik??y, D?ºger, Hacilar, Yassig?ºme and Akyaka, in order to sketch the evolution of settlement and land use in these areas, from prehistory until recent times. In this area, previous extensive surveys have attested the presence of several sites, ranging from prehistoric h??y?ºks to Ottoman houses. Although remains as early as the Aceramic Neolithic and as late as the Ottoman period have been found in this area, the majority of identified sites stems from the Imperial period. Types of sites discovered include settlements, necropoleis, forts, remains of ancient roads, boundary stones and milestones, etc. The aim of the present survey will be to get a better understanding of the spatial context of these sites and their relationship with the landscape.

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