After the Survey

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 High-school students helping us wash the ceramics. We use tooth brushes, buckets and water. Fortunately, soils here aren’t acid, so we can brush sherds without any danger of damaging them.

After our modest celebration for the conclusion of the first field season, project activities continue. We are beginning the lab work. We can’t deny how thrilling the idea of venturing through thousands of artifacts waiting for us is. Who knows how many “treasures” we’ll find among them? Local high-school students are helping us wash the […]

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Extracts from Natalia’s Diary

Thursday, August 27, 2009 Jonathan at a corn field lifting a bag full of archaeological materials.

Finally, last field day! After four months of walking around 13 square kilometers, we’ve finished this first step of the survey. It included the collection of all archaeological materials remaining on mounds and in other concentrations. Apart from that, we mapped all the structures using a GPS device. The density of the evidence is so […]

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