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February-May 2003Interactive Dig at Waka'
Michelle Rich, Evan Keith Eppich, an IDEAH Ranger, Olivia Navarro Farr, and David Freidel at Waka' in 2001. (Photo by Phillip Hofstetter)
Mary Jane Acuña, Michelle Rich, and Elizabeth Baloutine
Melissa Knight, Juan Carlos Meléndez, and Evangelia Tsesmelli
Marco Tulio Alvarado, Stanley Paul Guenter, Olivia Navarro Farr, and Fabiola Quiroa

All photos courtesy of the Proyecto Arqueológico Waka'. Click on images for larger versions.

Proyecto Arqueológico Waka'
Staff & Students

Mary Jane Acuña, M.A. senior student from San Carlos University, Guatemala. She is currently working on her thesis about the Early Classic ceramics from Piedras Negras.

Marco Tulio Alvarado, currently enrolled in the M.A. archaeology program of the University of San Carlos extension at Petén (CUDEP), Guatemala.

Ana Lucía Arroyave, M.A. senior student from San Carlos University, Guatemala. She is currently working on her thesis about the E-complexes in Southeastern Petén.

Elizabeth Baloutine is the project illustrator.

Juan Carlos Perez Calderón is a Guatemalan archaeologist specializing in tunnels and underground excavations.

Evan Keith Eppich, a Ph.D. candidate at Southern Methodist University, is the project's laboratory director and specializes in the geochronology of Maya ceramics.

Héctor Escobedo, co-director of the Waka' Project, professor at Del Valle and San Carlos University in Guatemala City. Areas of interest: monumental architecture and Maya epigraphy.

Olivia Navarro Farr, Ph.D. student from Southern Methodist University (SMU). She is currently working on completion of her master's coursework at SMU and will be conducting dissertation research on mortuary ritual in conjunction with analysis of skeletal materials including pathology.

David Freidel, co-director of the Waka' project, is a university distinguished professor at SMU. He specializes in the functional analysis of Maya monumental architecture, iconography, and Maya material symbol systems generally. He co-authored A Forest of Kings with Linda Schele, and Maya Cosmos with Linda Schele and Joy Parker. He is currently completing a book on Maya warfare.

Lilian Garrido, M.A. senior student from San Carlos University, Guatemala. She is currently working on her thesis about the excavations at the Early Classic palace of Piedras Negras.

Stanley Paul Guenter, epigrapher of ancient Mayan and Ph.D. student in archaeology at SMU. He is working on the texts from the Mirador Basin for the RAINPEG project in Guatemala and is the project epigrapher for the research at Waka'.

Phillip Hofstetter, assistant professor of art and co-director of the Multimedia Graduate Program at California State University, Hayward. He is currently serving as project media artist for the Kiuic Archaeological Project in Yucatan and for the Waka project. (See manray.csuhayward.edu/mayacosmos for his interactive panoramas of Maya ruins.)

Melissa Knight, M.A. student at the University of Calgary, Canada, will be using this season's survey data from Waka' for her thesis where she will employ 3-D modeling and GIS analytical tools to examine perceptions of space and the relationship between the natural and built environment in the ceremonial centre.

David Lee, currently in the Ph.D. program at Southern Methodist University. He is the principal strategic planning consultant to the Government of Belize Tourism Development Project. The primary focus of his 12 seasons in the field has been monumental architecture, and his excavations at Waka' will focus on the northwestern palace complex.

Horacio Martínez, M.A. from San Carlos University, Guatemala (1999). He is currently organizing an archaeological project at the defensive earthworks of Tikal in collaboration with Jay Silberstein and David Webster of Pennsylvania State University.

Juan Carlos Meléndez, M.A. senior student from San Carlos University, Guatemala. He is currently looking for a thesis topic.

Griselda Pérez, M.A. senior student from San Carlos University, Guatemala. She is currently working on her thesis about the Preclassic ceramics from Piedras Negras.

Jennifer Piehl, Ph.D. candidate at Tulane University. She specializes in household archaeology, human paleopathology, and bioarchaeology. She is also a consultant participating in the construction of a strategy for the development of archaeological sites for tourism in Belize.

Fabiola Quiroa, M.A. senior student from Del Valle University, Guatemala. She is currently looking for a thesis topic.

Michelle Rich, Ph.D. candidate in archaeology at Southern Methodist University. She will do dissertation research on the interplay between natural and built environments at Waka'.

Lia Tsesmeli, Ph.D. candidate in anthropology at Southern Methodist University, is one of the survey/topography supervisors and the database administrator for the Waka' project. She uses GIS to address research questions and developed integrated GIS/Database systems for the Isleta Pueblo at New Mexico, the Zeekoe Valley Survey in South Africa, and the BEAS Survey project in the Harappan Valley at Pakistan.

Click here for a 360° image of the archaeologists and crew.

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