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August 2006 & July-August 2007Interactive Dig Black Sea: Shipwreck Research Project
Novy Svet as seen from Mt. Sokil, the largest of the surrounding mountain peaks
Diver Nikita Zelenko excavates a large amphora sherd.
One of two mountains that flank the beach of Novy Svet, Mt. Sokol, or Eagle Mountain, rises steeply above the wreck site. The mountain is actually an ancient reef that thrived underwater during the Jurassic period millions of years ago.

Photos courtesy BSSRP. Click on images for larger versions where available.

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by Benjamin Goetsch

Black Sea Shipwreck Research Project

Welcome to The Black Sea Shipwreck Research Project 2007. We are a dedicated team of divers, students, volunteers, and professional archaeologists from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, and America. Last year's Pisa Ship InteractiveDig followed our progress while excavating a thirteenth-century wreck near the Crimean resort town of Novy Svet. This year we will continue to finish our work on this important wreck site and later begin a coastal survey of other parts of the Bay of Sudak for shipwrecks dating from the Medieval, Byzantine, and even Classical periods. To aide in our survey for new wrecks we have the addition of side-scanning sonar capable of mapping the sea floor in three dimensions. This powerful tool can see the telltale traces left from wrecks long ago destroyed by the ravages of the sea, but more on that later. Meanwhile, living in the Spartan conditions of our base camp, our divers prepare daily for excavation beneath the Black Sea in Novy Svet and bring with them underwater cameras to capture the thrill and excitement of reclaiming ancient artifacts from its watery depths. Join us on our adventure into the past and follow our discoveries in our video diary.

Video Diary - Stay tuned for more clips with each update.

Artifact Catalog
Catalog of artifacts from the "Pisa Galley"

From the Field - In 2006, we began excavation of the thirteenth-century wreck found near Novy Svet. The remains are thought to be those of a ship sunk in a 1277 battle.

Ask the Archaeologist
Questions? Comments? Visit the bulletin board!

Interview with Professor Zelenko
Discussing the Black Sea Shipwreck Research Project

Team Bios 2006
Meet members of the excavation team!

Our Artist
Resident artist Chloe Wessner shares some of her works.

The location of the site

More information about the project and the Pisa Wreck

Beneath the Black Sea
The original InteractiveDig for this project, launched by ARCHAEOLOGY's Kristin Romey in 2000, details one of the initial surveys on the wreck.

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