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August 2006 & July-August 2007Interactive Dig Black Sea: Shipwreck Research Project
The Sudak Krepost. The first written record of a fortress on the site dates from A.D. 212. In the middle ages, the Genoese engaged in international trade via Sudak, and documents dated from approximately the year 1270 mention the city. The Sudak fortress, built by Venetians in the twelfth century, is now a popular tourist attraction.

Photos courtesy BSSRP. Click on images for larger versions where available.


The CUA web site for the project and field school, with a preliminary report on the 2005 season and background information (about other wreck in the area, the history of the Sudak fortress, etc.).

A report about the 1997 Crimean Coastal Survey, an early American-Ukrainian collaboration, with extensive background on the region's archaeology and history.

Our InteractiveDig "Beneath the Black Sea" in 2000 recorded the survey of wrecks off Crimea, including the Pisa galley.

"Ship-wreck of 13 century at the Black Sea by Soldaya," by Sergey Zelenko discusses the Pisa wreck and the artifacts recovered from it.

Learn more about Sudak Fortress History on the project's website.

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