Summary of Research Design for 2015

June 3, 2015

This season, our intention is to revisit the Prison Hospital, Block 6. In previous years (2006-2009), we had excavated the majority of the main hospital building, but did not investigate the extension on the northern end. We decided to focus on that extension for part of this season’s work.

Research Design for 2015

We are particularly interested in determining whether the extension was used as the “mess” area. There are two extensions, one was the “dead house” and the other the “mess.” From our work at this area this spring, we are quite certain the northern extension was the mess. We have found many fragments of whiteware plates and dishes, as well as a large amount of animal bone. In the next few weeks, we should be able to expose the support posts for this extension as well as any other subsurface features.

In weeks to come, we will also be investigating an 1863 latrine from Block 8. Behind Block 8 are several latrines which have been explored. Our intent is to explore the remaining portion of Feature 14 which had been originally opened in 1996. Feature 14 was used in 1863 when conditions were favorable at the prison.

Block 8