Video Tour

In August 2008, ARCHAEOLOGY’s managing editor Eti Bonn-Muller toured the excavations and nearby Confederate cemetery with Bush, recording some rough footage of the site. Bear with us through the chirping of the cicadas, occasional low-flying small plane, and bumps along the wooded terrain on a sweltering hot afternoon, and experience Johnson’s Island just like the archaeologists do.

The Cemetery

Begin your tour of Johnson’s Island at the Confederate cemetery and learn the poignant tales told by the tombstones.

The POW Camp Site

Archaeologist Dave Bush explains the camp’s history and the layout of its walls, buildings, and “deadline.”

The Hospital and Latrines

Current excavations at Johnson’s Island are focused on Block 6, the hospital, and its latrines.

The Hospital Excavations

Digging in the hospital proper with Dave Bush and volunteer assistants Sue Umbenhour and Dave Fadely

Fort Johnson

A look at one of the fortifications built after a Confederate
plot to free the prisoners was foiled in September 1864.

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