Geological Survey: 2010 Aims

July 9, 2010

Archaeometrical study of the craft activities at Sagalassos


A wide range of mineral resources was exploited at Sagalassos, including ores, clays and natural building stones.


The aim of the archaeometrical studies at Sagalassos is therefore to characterise artefacts produced by the different crafts, the identification of the raw materials used and the reconstruction of the production process as a whole next to the reconstruction of trade in the goods imported as raw material or half-finished product.


Different material categories from the excavation contexts of the city are sampled, including metal slag and metal objects (iron and bronze), glass shards and chunks, ceramic fragments, mortars and stone, kiln materials and possible raw materials for craft production (clay and stone). These are then characterised mineralogically, petrographically and geochemically, to be able to identify possible chronological changes and to relate the raw materials to the final object.

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