Interesting Lead Artifact

June 17, 2010



This artifact was discovered within the excavations of the Block 8 area.  It appears to be lead, having been flattened out and small cut-outs removed.  I can’t explain the very small holes, but the other cut-out shapes may have been lead pieces being used for sets in jewelry.  It is quite a unique piece and one of the many craft items we have recovered thus far this year.

Comments (3)

  1. Skip Huffman says:

    That looks to me like some sort of a template or marking tool. It looks to me like there are slash marks past the long ends of the rectangular holes, like someone may have held this down on a piece of wood or leather, then used a knife to mark the underlying material. The three holes on the left could have been marks for lacing or pins, and would have been used with an awl.

    I also notice that the curved edge on the left is very clean and sharp, so might have been used to run a knife against to get a clean curve

    I would look for two things if I had that in my hands. First would be evidence of multiple cuts in the corners of the rectangular holes. The second would be to look at the round openings and see if they are cylinders or cones, cones would show evidence that someone had repeatedly used it to guide an awl.

  2. David Bush says:

    We have examined the lead piece carefully and see only one cut mark on the edges of the small spaces created on the curved piece. The holes on the piece do not show signs of having another implement inserted into the hole repeatedly. If it was a template, it should have that indication. However, your suggestions are interesting and at this point, being the only such artifact we have recovered from the site, we are left with many questions.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share this info, I enjoy reading more about this.